> Telephones


I was watching this tv show and this girl had a lips phone and I wanted it. So I got a lips phone, which is my very first phone. I was really little. I might have been nine or ten years old at the time. And then I just started collecting. I have maybe fifty phones! My parents don't want me to collect any more phones, but I want to collect more of them. There are so many interesting phones out there. I have a French phone Michael and Marika gave me. I have a pay phone that my cousins Stephen and Danny gave me for my birthday. That phone is so cool. It is on my wall.

Rotary dial phones are OK but I don't like them that much because they are hard to use. Some of my phones work and I like to use them. I got an Olson Twins phone that I like a lot. The top is purple and bottom part is yellow. It says Mary Kay and Ashley on the bottom. I've had that one for a couple of years.