> Make a Wish 2000


Being chosen by Make a Wish was a big event in my life. When I was ten years old, I heard about Make A Wish from some other kids with FD who had really cool wishes. One met the President, one was a stick boy for the Boston Bruins hockey team, and the other went on a shopping spree at The Mall of America. I was thinking about what kind of wish to make in August of 1999, when I was watching a show called NickNews with my mom. They had all kinds of kids with disabilities on the show talking with Linda Ellerbee and John Hockenberry and Christopher Reeve. I decided that I wanted to go on NickNews and tell kids about my disorder so that kids would understand what I have to go through everyday, but also that I am just a kid like other kids. I also thought it would be great for all the other kids with FD.

Read all about it! Here is the film that Make a Wish made about me. Watch here for a live link to the Nick News segment itself.