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You could not make me happier, Sam! You blogged. And, your posting is beautiful. You looked so stylish today and so grown up. Max loved having you in the studio. Check out your sketchbook alblum later on and you will see your paintings there. Kisses, -b


What a great birthday gift for you, this website, and what a gift to others who know of you but do not know you. I have known of you since you were born, for my wife Jane and your mother are friends. We both got to know your mother when she was in Fargo doing research, filming, and making friends. But for years you were only the baby for whom I crocheted an afgan, a girl in a tree in a photo on our refrigerator, and a person with FD. I especially liked hearing about your reading and your enthusiasm for movies of romantic comedy, since as a retired professor of English I love to meet students who like to read--not just to read because they have to study. And I wrote about and taught romantic comedies (not movies, but plays) almost every year that I taught courses at the university. Well, enough for now (before I start into a lecture on Shakespeare's 16th century romantic comedies). I look forward to reading more about you and your life. Warmest regards, Richard

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