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Aunt Deb

wow, Sam, you are the coolest! I loved your birthday party, and have to say that was the best Martian food I have ever tasted! Especially the chocolate mousse cake. Your friends are terrific; you are lucky to have such a great group to hang out with.
BKG and Dave - what a fabulous gift for Sam - you're the coolest, too.
lots of love from Aunt Deb


OMG! 17!!! I can scarcely believe it! Sam, you are definitely the best, and I wish you the happiest birthday ever, with many more to come....just don't grow any taller, OK? Lots of Love-- Rayna and the gang


My actual birthday was the perfect seventeenth birthday! Ten minutes after I woke up, two of my camp counselors showed up (from Camp Simcha) and surprised me with balloons. It was so great!
I had a wonderful day at school. And at 6, we went to Ennio and Michael's, our favorite neighborhood restaurant. The waiters there have known me since I was little. They brought me a cake and sang me Happy Birthday, and other people in the restaurant all said Happy Birthday!! Lots of my relatives and friends called.
It was great!

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